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Pregnant in Body and in Mind Reproduction and Immortality in Platonic Love - Literature Essay Samples

Not in entire forgetfulness,And not in utter nakedness,But trailing clouds of glory do we comeFrom God, who is our home.- William Wordsworth, Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood, 62-65 Though Plato died nearly 2500 years ago, the English language still keeps his definition of love in common usage. To keep a relationship platonic means to eliminate its romantic aspect, restricting the partners to intellectual stimulation alone. Modern minds may think that this love is not as fertile as heterosexual romantic love and even consider this asexual affection something other than love, as it bears no children. Plato would respond that intellectual association leads to the creation of timeless ideas, and is therefore a greater love than the physical love which creates children. Plato explores and defends his view of love in the Symposium, specifically in the dialogue between Socrates and Diotima (Symposium, 204e  ­ 209e). Plato first defines love by examini ng the lover, then uses this definition to build an abstract function and purpose of love which places intellectual men above childbearing women. Diotima teaches Socrates that the lover of good things wants to possess them so that he might be happy (204e). This definition of a lover applies to everyone, for Diotimas assumption, supported by Socrates, is that everyone wants good things to be his own forever. (205a) There is a need to refine this broad definition which would include as lovers those who try to attain the good by any means. The purview of love, in Plato as in common language, is restricted to those whose enthusiasm is directed at one specific type who are described by the terminology that belongs to the whole class, that of love, loving, and lovers. (205d) She then goes on to knock down Aristophanes definition of love as searching for ones other half on the grounds that this is only true if being reunited is good, using the example that amputation is acceptable if a lim b is seen as diseased. In place of Aristophanes argument that love is trying to find oneself, Diotima sets up a definition of love, the object of which is the good (205e). Naturally, if the object of love is the good, people who love want to have the good forever (206a). The progression from the initial definition of a lover as a concrete individual who wants the good forever to the definition of love as an abstract desire to have the good forever (206a) sets up a similar progression from a concrete function of love to an abstract function which is at the core of Platonic love. If the object of love is to have the good forever, the function of love is giving birth in beauty both in body and in mind. (206b) Diotima begins her explanation of how all human beings are pregnant in body and in mind (206c) by discussing the concrete, physical pregnancy of the body. Heterosexual relations and the child a woman bears as a result of them are a beautiful end of love because they perpetuate man . This perpetuation is essential because if love wants to possess the good forever, then love requires the immortality reproduction creates (206a). Reproduction creates immortality because just as a mans body is constantly being renewed and he is still called the man, a man who grows old and leaves a new man in his place is also renewing himself (207d-208b). The shift to the abstract pregnancy of the mind hinges on the extension of this analogy to the mind and knowledge, saying that it grows old and must be replaced just like the body (207e  ­ 208a). This implies the existence of conceptual children as well as physical ones, and Diotima gives an example of the former by noting mans love for honor, his desire that his name ring down through the ages  ­ it is immortality they are in love with. (208c-e) Just as the pregnancy of a mans body is released through impregnating the body of a fertile woman (208e), the pregnancy of a mans mind is released through teaching the mind of anoth er intelligent man (209b). The possibility of a woman having a fit mind for wisdom is not even considered by Plato in this argument. The ultimate function of love is given to be the labor of the pregnant mind as it attempts to bring forth what it is suitable for a mind to bear and bring to birth, (209a) namely wisdom and other virtues. Chief among the kinds of wisdom, according to Diotima, is moderation and justice connected with the organization of cities and households. (209a) This kind of wisdom is most important because it creates virtue in other people (209d  ­ 209e). The result of this discussion is the creation of a spectrum of loves functions, starting with sexual reproduction as its most base expression and ending with the teaching of justice and moderation as its most noble expression. The logical extension of this emphasis on intellectual reproduction is the glorification of the homoerotic teaching relationship over the familial heterosexual relationship and therefore t he superiority of the intellectual man over the childbearing woman. Diotima says that men who try to gain the immortality they love by fathering children are only seeking what they take to be happiness forever. (208e) The true avenue to eternal remembrance and happiness is to give birth to a conceptual child of virtue. The two fathers of this beautiful child have a much closer partnership with each other and a stronger bond of friendship than parents have, because the children of their partnership are more beautiful and more immortal. (209c, my emphasis) Though the lover is initially inspired by his beloveds physical as well as mental beauty, the emphasis of the homoerotic relationship Diotima describes is not on the sexual gratification of the lover, but rather on the perpetuation of the lovers virtue and wisdom through teaching the beloved. Indeed, a step on the ascent to the ultimate form of love is to see beauty of body as something petty. (210c) Poets like Homer and Hesiod, law givers like Lycurgus and Solon  ­ men like these have left children of thought to live after them, and are greatly envied, honored, and even revered for it by other men (209d  ­ 209e). The physical children of uncertain virtue a man leaves to carry on his name can hardly hold a candle to great mental children, the virtue of which a man fashioned himself. Making such a comparison, its no wonder Diotima states, Everyone would prefer to have [children of thought] rather than human ones. (209c  ­ 209d) The proposition that the ideas a man bequeaths the world is as much his legacy as his children is not a shocking one. However, Platos defining the processes of passing down wisdom in terms of pregnancy and birth causes a restatement of fundamental gender roles. Not only can the man implant the seed of his pregnant body into a woman, he can implant the seed of his pregnant mind into his beloved student, who is also a man. Thus the man, who under the conventional definition of love on ly had the capacity to transmit physical fertility, gains the capacity both to transmit and to receive the germ of mental fertility, the revolutionary concept of Platonic love. Some have said that men are jealous of womens procreative power and through culture attempt to minimize the importance of women. Perhaps this is an expression of womb envy, giving men the gift of a kind of childbirth nobler and more important than that of women. Whatever the reason for its creation, the concept of Platonic love is a beautiful affirmation of the human minds fecundity. Now that culture has admitted women into the ranks of intellectual humans, maybe a man shouldnt be so disappointed when a woman he admires turns down his sexual advances, saying she wants to keep the relationship Platonic. He might end up having children with her after all, perhaps bearing them himself!

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The Environmental Aspects Of Care - 908 Words

One of the most important concepts of the theory, it was the environmental aspects of care. The emphasis was constructing a clean, sanitary treatment, and environment. The important principle of this theory is that the patient must be empowered and encouraged to take an active role in his own healing (2010). Selanders argued in this article the importance and commitment of Nightingale’s work associated with applicability in the nursing profession as well as the value of this historical knowledge which continues to justify teaching her legacy for generations. As time passes, nursing continues to apply in daily practice this value experience with so much meaningful to the 21st Century. Follows this historical Legacy is essential for every student nurse to be able to understand the past and their own nursing roots (2010). â€Å"Nightingale was committed to empiricism. Theories could not simply be ideas thought up by the mind, but must be validated and verified by real life experience. In fact, this is the only way to obtain knowledge†(Selanders, 2010, p. 86). Therefore, Nightingale s leadership style was extremely knowledge based experience, her theory is a framework designed to organize knowledge and explain phenomena in nursing which continues to provide guidance to modern nurses today, at the most concrete and specific level. Article Three: The Four Metaparadigms of Florence Nightingale: â€Å"The Lady with the Lamp† Selanders Parker discussed in this article the term careShow MoreRelatedThe Application of Environmental Nursing Theory to Florence Nightingales Views about Nursing1585 Words   |  6 PagesNightingale worked to get improved hygiene in military and civilian hospitals all through ENVIRONMENTAL THEORY According to the Environmental Theory the role of the nurse is to utilize the patients surroundings to help him or her make progress. The reason the clients surroundings is essential is because it can have an effect on his or her physical condition in a positive or negative way. Several environmental factors influencing health according to Nightingales theory are fresh air, pure waterRead MoreEnvironmental Theory : A Patient Care Theory Essay1521 Words   |  7 Pages Environmental Theory: A Patient Care Theory Lindsey Wilson Nursing 451 Professor Speer September 11, 2016 Abstract The field of nursing has changed in incredible ways over the course of time. Of all the people who have dedicated their lives to nursing, Florence Nightingale is the most well-known. Nightingale began to recognize a correlation between patient deaths and patient environment, so she worked to develop the Environmental Theory of nursing. This theory focuses on aspects ofRead MoreThe Dragons of Inaction928 Words   |  4 PagesI chose to write about The Dragons of Inaction because I am an Environmental Science major and I care a great deal about the environment. Climate change inaction is a huge issue in our society that perpetuates the overconsumption of resources, which results in burning excess fossil fuels and the release of harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. I was interested in this specific publication because I have always wondered why people aren’t more environmentally conscious and don’t strive toRead MoreHolistic Nursing Essay1535 Words   |  7 PagesHolistic assessments in nursing provide a unique quality of care to the individual patient. Holism in the provision of care includes assessments obtaining data about the physiological, psychological, sociological, spiritual, developmental, cultural and environmental aspects. It is imperative that the nurse conducting these assessments adopts methods in the nursing process that reflects the standards outlined in Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council National Competency Standards for the RegisteredRead MoreCsr -Clp Company905 Words   |  4 Pagespower companies across Asia now. The CLP obtains its philosophy of customer-oriented for providing highly reliable electricity to customers by world-class power supply in Hong Kong. The mission of CLP is to produce and supply energy with minimal environmental impact to create value for shareholders, employees and the wider community. In 2010, the CLP was awarded The Standard Award for Best Retention Strategies by Key Media, HRM Awards. The voluntary turnover rate of CLP is 3.1% in Hong Kong in 2010Read MoreThe Nursing Theory Of Nursing773 Words   |  4 Pagestheories already in use (Alligood, 2014). The four parts being person, health, environment, and nursing. The four components of the metaparadigm concept of nursing is important to nursing theory because they are the key areas of focus of patient care, and the metaparadigm is designed to differentiate nursing from other specialties (Alligood, 2014). It is this use of theories that makes nursing a profession and guides professional nursing practice, research, and education (Alligood, 2014). PersonRead MoreTheory Of Comfort Developed By Katharine Kolacaba856 Words   |  4 Pagescurrent day nursing. Comfort is a diagnostic taxonomy and desirable outcome of nursing care (Krinsky, 2014). Metaparadigm Concepts of nursing as defined in Kolcaba’s theory of comfort are: Person: Kolacaba refers to person as recipients of care. Person may be individuals, families, institutions, or a community that is in need of health care services (Kolacaba, 2003). Environment; This includes any aspect of a person that can be worked with the nurse, or the institution to improve comfort. KolacabaRead MoreSocial Learning And Environmental Determinants Of Psychopathy1585 Words   |  7 PagesSocial Learning and Environmental Determinants of Psychopathy Psychopathy is a disorder caused by biological, environmental, and psychological factors that result in both interpersonal/affective deficits and social deviance/antisocial behaviors. It can be broken down into primary psychopathy and secondary psychopathy. Primary psychopathy mainly encompasses the interpersonal/affective components of psychopathy, such as superficial charm, lack of empathy, remorse or guilt, and manipulative tacticsRead MoreHealth Coverage Needle And Its Impact On America s Healthcare Landscape886 Words   |  4 PagesAffordable Care Act, the increase of Baby Boomers (individuals born between 1946-1960) reaching the age of retirement, and potential passing of immigration inclusion laws has impacted and will continue to impact America’s healthcare landscape. Numerous factors associated with the political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal aspects are key indicators into the potential success of the industry. Healthcare’s political factors are at an all-time high. The Affordable Care Act, orRead MoreNotes On Nursing Environmental Cleanliness. One Of The1215 Words   |  5 PagesNotes On Nursing Environmental Cleanliness One of the many qualities a nurse develops over time is ensuring the environment is a safe place for the patient. The environment is a vital role to the well-being of a patient and the recuperation process. The environment consists of the surroundings the patient interacts with; in a hospital, for example, the patient’s bed, nightstand, call-bell, bathroom, and any object that interferes with an open system (Black, 2014). As a cautious nurse, the

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Computer Espionage Assignment Example

Essays on Computer Espionage Assignment The paper "Computer Espionage" is a perfect example of an assignment on information technology. There are different steps that any organization can take to reduce the possibility of its data being infiltrated. While these steps may not completely prevent any theft of information assets by various sources, they drastically reduce the chances of this taking place. In the first place, the company in question should seek to ensure that it has recognized and categorized all confidential data. What can be identified as confidential information may include workers' records systems and consumer information systems such as account numbers, personal identification numbers, security numbers, and credit card numbers? The next step is to ensure that the present information flows are closely examined, and a risk assessment is performed. The organization should also establish what will be considered to be the appropriate channels of usage and access, and determine policies regarding information dis tribution, which will be regularly checked by an enforcement system (Carr 61). The organization can then establish a system that allows it to be able to monitor the progress of this risk analysis project on a regular basis.   Mutually assured destruction is descriptive of any severe damage that Superpower nations inflict on each other. The weapon used to inflict this damage would be of nuclear origin. Cyberwar cannot be said to be an asset that could be used in mutually assured destruction because it does not follow conventional practices of war. The activation of enemy viruses is not something that would result in mushroom clouds, double light flashes, and the large scale dissemination of radiation. Furthermore, cyber warfare need not be engaged in by only superpowers (Carr 67). Ordinary computer technicians from nations all over the world are the individuals who periodically unleash viruses on definite institutions or nations. Cyberwarfare is, as it would seem, an equal opportunity employer that could result in the destruction or interference of systems belonging to any civilian or nation in the world.

First experience to a foreign country free essay sample

I have an aunt who has been living in the United States since she was eighteen years old and she used to invite me to stay with her many times. One day I decided to go. Staying with her and her family was one of the greatest experiences in my life. Besides learning a new language, I made new friends and I really got into the culture of a great and beautiful country. When I arrived there, I got very excited. First, I was excited because it was my first time in a foreign country, and second because I was going to live something really new in my life. On the other hand, learning English wasn’t an easy process because my aunt used to speak just Portuguese with me; I used to take English classes just twice a week and all the students were foreign too. My experience of learning English in a regular course was limited to this little experience and a short period taking English as a Second Language at the local College. We will write a custom essay sample on First experience to a foreign country or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Thus, from that period until de end of the time there, I learned the language with the people from the city and the new friends I had met. Besides the experience of studying a new language, making new friends was the best aspect of living abroad. I had a girlfriend who lived in a beautiful city by the Pacific Ocean and I used to spend every weekend with her. We used to go out often and in one of these times I met my first American boyfriend. He was handsome and very kind and we had a great time together. He took me to many interesting places and showed me the authentic American way of life by introducing me to his family, his friends and his culture. Moreover, going out constantly and talking to him helped me to improve the skills with the language and mainly to be familiar with the American people and their habits and customs. Another great experience I had was working as a babysitter. Once I read in the newspaper an advertisement looking for a foreign girl to take care of two children. At first I got really scared with the big responsibility of taking care of two children, but I decided to live this new adventure. The family’s house was in a very nice place by the ocean and the children were very cute and curious about my â€Å"weird accent†. In spite of the fact that this new experience wasn’t easy due to my lack of practice at that time,  everything went well and the whole situation was very meaningful to my life.

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The Ascent of Money A Book Review

In his introduction, Ferguson attempts to attract the interest of the audience by eliciting the people’s feelings towards the current monetary system. The author uses the terms used to describe money in various societies such as â€Å"bread, moolah, dough, dosh, cash and readies† to attract the attention of the reader. He also mentions the modern perceptions and believes about money. For instance, Christians believe that money is the backbone of all evils while leaders believe it is the sign of might, wealth and respect.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The Ascent of Money: A Book Review specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Having attracted the interest of the reader, the author now turns to express the idea of his book. He brings forth the questions that the book attempts to answer. For instance, what is money? How has money developed from mere tablets and metals to printed-paper? How will money become invisible yet usable? What is the origin of money and how did it evolve? Finally, he tends to determine the future of money. The book uses review of literature as the main study method. In fact, Fergusson has made an in-depth analysis of the historical records to determine the origin, evolution and development of the world monetary systems. The author goes beyond the common history and looks at the economic forces behind every historical development since the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations. According to the author â€Å"every historical event has a financial secret†. For instance, the Italian Renaissance is attributed with changes in science, arts, music, education and other aspects of life. However, Fergusson says that a major financial secret contributed to the renaissance. According to the book, major changes in during the Renaissance were under the control of individuals who converted these changes to money and wealth, including Da Vinci and the Medici families. In addition, case studies based on historical evidence as well as modern examples of monetary evolution have been used in-depth. According to the author, the financial crisis that was affecting most parts of the world between 2007 and 2008 was an important sign of the continuing development and evolution of the monetary system. Ferguson reviews the situation facing the global financial system. According to the book, the increase in the cost of living, average income per individual, price surges, inflations and deflations and the GDP in general have changed since 1990, especially in the US. However, the author tends to argue that this change is not a unique phenomenon but rather, it is a continuing change that has been taking place in the evolution of money.Advertising Looking for essay on british literature? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In addition, the author associates the control of the world financial system as a contin uing part of the evolution of money. For instance, he mentions the work of banks, billionaires, capitalists and other parties that control the world financial system. He tells the reader not to worry because this trend has been there since the ancient times, but has been evolving alongside the evolution of technology and other aspects of humans. The book provides an in-depth analysis of the historical materials from the ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia and Egypt. Clay tablets have been found, which provide evidence that money was the most important measures of wealth and part of trade. Ferguson argues that these clay tablets provide evidence that the need for writing was not to tell history, but to conduct trade. The author reviews some of the records that indicate how the ancient civilizations used metals such as silver rings, blocks and sheets were used in exchange of good such as wool, barley, cotton and animals. He gives the example of a silver sheet of metal used as money i n Sippar during the reign of King Ammi-Diatana between 1683 and 1646 BC. The evolution of baking system came along with the evolution of money. According to Ferguson, banking system started with shylock. The purpose of shylocks was to accumulate wealth at the expense of the weaknesses of the poor and unorganized individuals in the society. For instance, the Medici Family of Italy is cited as the most important example of early shylocks that acted as lenders and bankers. Although there were no legal systems to control these individuals, they contributed to the development of the modern banking systems. Nevertheless, they were primarily thieves because they exploited their clients. The earliest form of a bank existed in Netherlands in the 1th century. Known as the Duthc Wisslebank, the bank allowed individuals to save their money and borrow loans for a given period. However, Lanebank, a Swiss institution, was the first model of a real bank. Apart from allowing people to save and borro w money, it also facilitated trade and commercial payments. Thus, Ferguson says that it is the pioneer banking system in the history of humans. The banking system in Europe developed rapidly between 15th and 17th centuries. This period saw the evolution of banking as more and more institutions copied the model of the Swiss Lanebank. In Britain, the monarch was actively involved in the process. In addition, mathematicians such as Isaac Newton were actually bankers and financial enthusiasts whose work helped in developing exchange systems.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The Ascent of Money: A Book Review specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More However, the author argues that these development systems brought a number of negative effects on the society. For instance, the evolution and development of banking system brought a new term- Bankruptcy. The term became a common reference to a state of being unable to pay debts b ecause one could not accumulate money needed to settle financial dues. According to the author, this would otherwise be possible if the ancient barter trade or hunting and gathering systems survived. The evolution of money and the emergence of the state of bankruptcy brought other important aspects on the societies. Ferguson argues that as money became the most importance force controlling every aspect of life, humans became tied to the system, creating human bondage. One could not do anything without involving money and the financial system. The emergence of banks came along with the emergence of groups and individuals that controlled the financial systems, which aimed at accumulating wealth in expense of the state of poverty. Aspects of inflation, deflation, economic crisis and credit crunch emerged, which dominated most financial systems in Europe and the world in general because people were tightly tied to money. In conclusion, the author attempts to predict the future of money. With the increasing rate of using non-liquid cash, the future of solid money is complicated. Ferguson says that this trend will cause a new phenomenon known as â€Å"the descent of money† , which will involved removal of printed papers and coins from the market and retain money in terms of figures that will be the measure of wealth. This essay on The Ascent of Money: A Book Review was written and submitted by user Craig C. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Suicide In College Essays

Suicide In College Essays Suicide In College Essay Suicide In College Essay College is a fun exciting time in a person’s life.   It is a new adventure filled with opportunities.   Unfortunately, when people get there they sometimes discover it was not all they had anticipated it to be.   Although college can be a great learning experience, it is also something very different than what most people are used to.   It is the first time living away from parents and can lead to frustration, loneliness, depression, overindulgence, and some mental illnesses become apparent in college years.   In most cases the students either get over the problem, or drop out of school, in some cases; however these problems lead to suicide.   â€Å"Suicide is the third leading cause of death in 15 – 24 year† (AFSP).   â€Å"It is the second leading cause of death in college students† (Naval Academy).   Ã¢â‚¬Å"The person who feels extreme emotional pain is the type of person who may consider suicide† (Kolehmainen, 14).Frustration and loneliness are two of the most common problems experienced when a person is attempting to adjust to college.   For most students this is the first move away from home.   They discover they have to do their own laundry, get themselves up on time, and clean up after themselves.   This can lead to confusion and frustration.   The loneliness sets in when they realize they are miles away from friends and family.   Both of these problems are minor psychological issues and are usually relieved within the first few weeks as the person makes new friends and adjusts to college life.   If they are unable to adjust, the problems can become much worse and usually lead to depression.Depression has two causes one of which is a problem in the brain; the other is caused by bad situations in a person’s life.   Either cause can lead to suicide.   Clinical depression (chemical problems inside the brain) can be treated effectively with medication, once it has been diagnosed.   T he situational depression is one of the leading factors in suicide. This is the kind that loneliness can lead to it happens when something happens in a persons life to make them very sad for an extended period of time.   It can be caused by a beak-up, loss of a loved one, or loneliness or many other reasons. It is quite common in college students, when they realize they aren’t as popular as they were in high school, they can not keep their grades up, or they miss the people they left behind. Some signs of depression include crying, nightmares, withdrawal from friends and family, feelings of hopelessness, not eating, weight changes, anger, lack of concentration, or decreased energy (Horn, 109).   When someone shows any of these symptoms they need to get help.As college is often when people move away from their parents, this freedom often leads to parties, drinking, and sometimes trying illicit drugs.   Some of these things if taken in excess can alter thoughts.   Somet imes they alter the thoughts to make them consider suicide.   These thoughts would often not be acted on if the person was not under the influence of the drugs.   Alcohol is a depressant and thus would increase any depressed thoughts and could be an influence on a student already thinking about suicide. â€Å"Drugs and alcohol reduce inhibitions and increase risk taking behavior, thus reinforcing whatever tendencies towards self destruction people poses† (Rivera).Some college students have mental disorders which cause thoughts of suicide and eventually lead them to act on it.   Schizophrenia is one mental illness that first appears in late teenage years and college. This illness causes people to hear voices at times and have delusions that someone is trying to cause them harm. These thoughts can sometimes manifest as thoughts of suicide.   There are a number of other illnesses such as bi-polar disorder that if properly treated can be managed, but these illnesses are s ometimes not discovered, until the person has acted on the thoughts of suicide.Suicide is considered a permanent solution to a temporary problem. â€Å"Nearly 1,100 suicides are projected to occur on college campuses this year† (Naval Academy).   This indicates there is a problem on college campuses.   Many people, who are inclined to commit suicide, give indications before they actually act on these problems.   Friends and family need to be aware of the signs, which are similar to those of depression.   When people turn eighteen they are not automatically ready to go out into the world alone.   Many are ready, but obviously many are not.   Students getting ready to go to college need to be educated on the options and support available to them.   High school guidance counselors need to prepare young people for what they need to expect in college.   They need to understand it is a big change from high school and the changes are not always good.   Parents need to prepare students for the laundry and cleaning up after themselves as well as for the adjustment to being responsible for oneself.   The more prepared students are, when they enter college, the better they will be able to handle the challenges college presents.   There is no way to prevent suicide altogether, but preparation and watching for signs will hopefully save a number of them.American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, (2007), Retrieved June 4, 2007 from,AFSP: Facts and Figures: National StatisticsHorn, Wade F. and Keough, C. New Teen Book, (1999) Des Moines, Iowa:Better Homes and Gardens BooksKolehmainen, Janet, and Handerk, S. Teen Suicide,(1986) Minneapolis:Lerner PublicationsRivera, Roberto, â€Å"Moods and Worldviews: Suicide on Campus†, Boundless Webzine,Retrieved June 11, 2007 from States Naval Academy, College and Suicide- Just the facts, RetrievedJune 11, 2007 from, MDC Suicide College Facts

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All's Fair in Love and War referring to Shakespear's Henry V Essay

All's Fair in Love and War referring to Shakespear's Henry V - Essay Example Anything goes. In Shakespeare’s play, Henry V, which followed Henry IV Part 1 and Part 2, we have the young king portrayed as something of a hell-raiser in his youth, before he ascended to the throne. These high jinks in the case of Prince Harry (drawing parallels with today’s prince Harry) were ephemeral. John Falstaff, one of his erstwhile companions, he refuses to recognize once he becomes king. Henry V had turned over a new leaf. He is a responsible and law-abiding king. Henry V, the play, is about the English king leading his army in battle against the French and winning at Agincourt. This is a historical fact which Shakespeare uses to dramatize in blank verse. The English king’s right to the French throne was established as lawful (through the female line) before he decided to go to war. The king consults the Archbishop of Canterbury for this purpose who simplifies for our edification the abstruse legal position. The king first requests politely that the French king surrender to him what is his due. However, the Dauphin, the French king’s son, the heir to the throne, ridicules Henry V, by rejecting the request while making the sardonic present of a few tennis balls. Much of the action in the play is about the preparation and the actual conduct of the war. As regards love, of course Henry V declares his love for Kate, the French king’s daughter, but it is no real love affair. It is a marriage of convenience. It is the union of two powerful kingdoms to the greater glory of both. There is no rival to Henry V for Kate’s affections. He wins the girl merely by the father’s assent. Therefore the proverb could not apply in this case. Returning to the war, is there any indication that Henry V took the law into his own hands and acted unfairly? The evidence is to the contrary. Henry V begins by saying early in the play: ‘We are no tyrant, but a Christian king’. He invokes the almighty and His blessing before any of his major